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Digital famtrips

Technical information

Price: NOK 1000.- eks mva
For: Regional and local destination companies, touristic networks. (bedriftsnettverk/clusters)


  • Famtrip meeting platform and technical assistance
  • Advice in how to set up the famtrip program
  • Invitation of relevant tour operators
  • IN advisor will have an active role as moderator during the famtrip
  • Market manual with company information of participating tour operators

Doesn't include: 

Technical equipment necessary for the realisation of the famtrip (computer with audio/camera)
Pre-recorded sessions showcasing the products


Please contact the IN representative of the market you are interested in. 
The IN representative will let you know whether the famtrip iis feasible and relevant for the market. 
You will find the contact information of our markets here. 


Background & goal

We normally conduct physical famtrips every year, to raise the knowledge of the destination amongst our prioritized clients. The goal of the famtrip is to include new products in the client's programs and increase sales to Norway. 
These famtrips are conducted in cooperation with regional destination companies, and can be both international and marked based famtrips. 

We have looked to offer a replacement for these physical famtrips and looked at the possibility to digitalize them. We will continue our cooperation with the regional destination companies and offer digital famtrips throughout the year, 

The offer described below would therefore be a complement to the famtrips we already are planning for together with the regional destination companies. 
It is aimed towards destination companies and networks (bedriftnettverk/clusters). If you do want to showcase your products live towards relevant tour operators in a specific market, this is the activity for you. 

The program

Step 1

Define the theme /red thread around the digital famtrip. Think about:

  • Is it a season you wish to highlight? or a certain type of product? etc.
  • What kind of clients are you aiming for? (families? couples? small groups? etc.)

Step 2
Map the different products you would like to showcase during the famtrip

  • Which products can/do you want to showcase.

These first steps are vital as they make sure that relevant clients will be invited to the famtrips. 


The program should last maximum 1 hour, including time for a Q. & A.

The program should include a variation of: 

  • Presentations with text / pictures
  • Pre-recorded videos


A maximum of 15 clients participating in order to: 

  • Minimize the risk of interference
  • Encourage dialog 

There should be a dedicated Host and Moderator to the famtrip. 

The Host: 

  • In charge of presenting the program
  • Give the word /introduce the different presentators/videos

The Moderator: 

  • In charge of facililitating the dialog between clients & host/presentators


Computer with audio & camera connected to Internet.