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B2B Forside

Becoming a host for B2B activities

Siri Tallaksen

Prosjektkoordinator B2B Leisure

+47 952 21 491

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Marte Gabrielsen

Project Manager B2B & NTW


Ola Røneid


+47 932 19 714

Visible during a Famtrip

Innovation Norway organises famtrips in cooperation with the Regional Destination Companies. 

Famtrips are usually international. They are organised based on strategic decision about what products we wish to push in our different markets during the year. 

Please contact your regional destination company to know more about how you may profile or include your product in one of our famtrips. 

Hosting an international workshop & pre/ post tours

Hosting an international workshop is an ideal way to promote your destination and increase your visibility towards the international travel trade.
To be part of a pre-& post tour is an ideal way to showcase your product towards the international travel trade.

Hiking & biking workshop 2024

Innovation Norway has organised a hiking & biking wokshop in 2019 and 2022. According to the evaluations, both workshops were successful and both suppliers and buyers said they were very relevant arenas to be present at. The feedback encouraged Innovation Norway to organise this workshop every two years.

Innovation Norway will now therefore organise a theme workshop withing the segment Hiking & Biking in 2024. 
The workshop itself will be held in Norway, during the week 37 (9th-13th of September). 
We are now looking for a new host destination for this workshop. Read here the criterias for hosting this workshop. 
The application can be sent in word/power point/PDF etc. and should be sent by email to Ola Røneid. 

Buyers from the following markets working within the hiking & biking segments will be invited by Innovation Norway: UK, SE, DK, NL/BE, FR, IT, ES, DACH and USA.

Deadline to apply is set to 27th of November 2023. 

Pre-and posttours hiking & biking workshop 2024

In relation with the workshop, we will encourage regional destination companies, destination companies and network organisations to organise pre/post tours within the segments of hiking & biking. More information regarding the tours and application for these will come once we have selected a host destination.

Norwegian Travel Workshop (NTW)

Becoming a Host city of NTW

Would you like to become a host city for the NTW? Read the criterias for becoming a host
We are now looking for new host cities for NTW 2025 & 2026. 
Deadline to apply: Tuesday 9th of May 2023.

How to submit  your application: 
Read through the criterias and answer them through the application. 
The application can be sent in word/power point/PDF etc. and should be sent by email to Marte Gabrielsen. 

Contact: Marte Gabrielsen, Project Manager B2B. 

Pre &-post tours NTW

We cooperate with the Regional Destination Companies to organise these tours. They receive an invitation from Innovation Norway to deliver program examples during the year before the NTW, with a deadline in October. 
Please contact your Regional Destination Company to know more about how to be included in the programs.